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- 3 phase steppers
- - a router

- Cross table


Project 1 The Sieg conversion.

The Sieg mini mill is sold in Holland as Black & Red and asks 500.-. The same machine is sold under the names Grizzly,  Homier, Micromark ,  Alpha, Bernardo. The Sieg X2 has a little brother X1 and a bigger one the X3 and X3 super 

 Cheap rolled trapezium thread 16 x 4 mm combined with PETP or POM nuts were applied.

How to get a suitable nut? Machining such small nuts in the conventional lathe is a hard job.  The only way is to make a tap.

Trapezium  comes in cheap meters and I took 35 centimeters for the tap.
My idea was to make a long cone. The core diameter of 16 x 4 is about 11 mm and from there to 16 mm with a top slide angle of about 1 degree, a flow is made from 150 mm. If you want to copy it, take my advice: don't use widia, but HSS at slow speed in cutting the fragile spindle off.
After that, 3 flutes were ground with a normal thin disc in the mill. The cutting edge is 84 degrees.
Believe me, the thing is sharp after  finishing  with a fine stone and making a nut in polymer is quite easy. Don't make narrow flutes, the plactic must go anywhere.


may 3rd 2005 
The Drivers

The well known Thorsten Ostermann designed 4 Amp drivers and a break out board. I chose these for my  2 Nm steppers, and they are performing quit well. My connection in Holland for these is


The magic of 3 phase steppers, 

New drivers have been made for the KT60KM06 3 phase steppermotors from Japan Servo. The steppers possess only 3 wires and are three phase with a star coil configuration.  A driver is based on the HA13532 and the bridge SLA6023.

 3phdrivers.jpg (38701 bytes)   Backside_3on1.jpg (52672 bytes)  Frontside_3on1b.jpg (31823 bytes)  Three_axis_driver_prototype.jpg (111713 bytes)

These motors are salvaged from copiers. The difference between the commonly used 2 phase steppers is not quite obvious for my application. The specs of the manufacturer speak of more torque at higher speed. My statement is only, that they are working with the apparant low holding torque of 0,5 Nm and in half step highly accurate with 1200 steps/rev. 

The set up of the measurement of the torque  and the trial for inductive sensors as shown below.

Koppeltest1.jpg (44004 bytes)     testinductsensor.jpg (42102 bytes)  PCB-MILLING1b.jpg (46417 bytes)

  Afbeelding 036.jpg (117228 bytes)  Afbeelding 038.jpg (123719 bytes)  

    Afbeelding 043.jpg (78008 bytes)

Afbeelding 023.jpg (87039 bytes)  Afbeelding 064.jpg (62991 bytes)  Afbeelding 135.jpg (74393 bytes)  

koppl.JPG (13463 bytes)  Afbeelding 139.jpg (64406 bytes)

P43000011.JPG (60352 bytes)  P4300005.JPG (79548 bytes)  P4290029.jpg (21134 bytes)


koppeling x.jpg (41774 bytes)  lagerkoppe x.jpg (59093 bytes)  bovenslede.jpg (65305 bytes)  P4290030.jpg (30663 bytes)      

P43000061.JPG (72790 bytes)  sieg met slurf 9-4-2006 17-09-35.jpg (49555 bytes)  chainflex1.jpg (19922 bytes)  sieg on top1.jpg (20771 bytes)        P4300014-12.JPG (74975 bytes)  P50100061.JPG (65483 bytes)  Afbeelding 197.jpg (118988 bytes)

Politie.jpg (61855 bytes)  P43000081.JPG (86226 bytes)  

Project 2 A Router

This router was a platform of exercise for all aspects of building and design, and managing budget.

Specs &steps

Workspace  250 x 300 mm  with a Z of 160 mm

Strategic:  Most routers are moving gantry ones and have a fixed table. 
However, for the small workspace in this case a moving table is suitable. So there is a steady bridge.


-  take a suitable handmill
-  fix the Z- axis travel and the altitude of the saddle above the table, create a imaginary"cube"for the objects to be milled on the table. Watch the height of vices etcetera, and the length of milling tools.
-  look at the saddle width
-  what should be the effective way of Y, and take a little oversize
-  dimensions of the frame of the machine
-  determination of the X travel
-  length dimension of the frame
-  tuning in the table dimensions, think about the clamps, bolts and stairblocks 

Project 3. The MINIminimill

This project is based on the X1 from Sieg Corporation. The crosstable has 0,5 Nm Japan Servo Nema23 motors. 

Project 4 The Lathemasters conversion

Last year I found a crippled lathe in  Buitelaars store in Waddinxveen. Only 350.- and no questions. I never never have any questions... I have plans. :))The conversion has started lately. Changing the X/Y-axis is no problem. The main spindle however, should be a step/ direction controlled axis and not only RPM controlled.

March2007: mechanics are done. I have changed to electronics. 

Yet Another anti Backlash Solution

Yabs! This concept is very simple and the solution is acting alike a collet chuck. The 40 mm long POM nuts are incised over three  quarters of their length with 1, 2 or 3 kerfs. The 2, 3 or 4 members are kept on their free end by an O-ring with an adequate tension enclosing the thread. Thus a dynamic fill of the trapezium thread will be achieved. Several pilots learned, that with the right dimensions of the screw, nut and O-ring, major forces can be transferred. There are truly two nuts: a static and a dynamic one. I'm looking for the right dimensions yet. And a first trial with an pneumatic YABS! is almost finished. Anyway, the kick is to save much money on ball screws. They are open source, so go ahead!

The First and only Cross Table with YABS! in the world.
This is the first attempt to get a full functional mill at a rock bottom price. Black & Red has upgraded the X1 minimill with a larger table and the former tables are selling off. The base of the table has an extension for the column. From there fantasy must take over.

The first table is equiped with common Nema 23 |Japan Servo's of 0.5 Nm. Two others will get the 3 phase 60 x60 mm Japan Servo's with high resolution 1200 steps/rev in half step. It seems that these motors are more powerfull than expected, anyway they have an 8 mm shaft. 

abacklash2.jpg (35606 bytes)  abacklash1.jpg (18669 bytes)  yabsdyn.jpg (72025 bytes)  backlashmoer2.jpg (47048 bytes)

P42700041.JPG (66564 bytes)  yabs exploded.JPG (70782 bytes)  yabs back.JPG (73632 bytes)

YABS in different forms

Complete_mill1bb.jpg (40633 bytes)  crosssaddle2.jpg (47654 bytes)  saddle4.jpg (87091 bytes)

newrouterdet2.jpg (64509 bytes)   thrustbearing.jpg (52253 bytes)  P8030101.jpg (47320 bytes)

bearing house.jpg (19872 bytes)  saddle3.jpg (99163 bytes)  saddleback.jpg (56925 bytes)

P8030105.jpg (127543 bytes)  newrouterdet1.jpg (61548 bytes)  topcrossslide.jpg (61447 bytes)

cabletermdown.jpg (66475 bytes)  cableterminalup.jpg (57082 bytes)  newrouterdet3.jpg (54568 bytes)

yaxismotor.jpg (57045 bytes)  newrouter.jpg (169517 bytes) newrouterfront2.jpg (62061 bytes)

print2.jpg (50761 bytes)  print3.jpg (70106 bytes)  print1.jpg (75413 bytes) 

DSCN4510_150.jpg (30823 bytes)  Detail1_pcb.jpg (15832 bytes)  PCB_3fase-drv.jpg (33847 bytes)

P1280001.JPG (79482 bytes)    P1280011.JPG (80148 bytes)   P1280012.JPG (81667 bytes)

P4130062.JPG (81751 bytes)   P4150063.JPG (90412 bytes)  P4130059.JPG (81118 bytes)  P3180010.JPG (83340 bytes)  

P3220023.JPG (77312 bytes)  P3230028.JPG (78413 bytes)  P3230034.JPG (81365 bytes)  P4080051.JPG (70389 bytes)

firstyabs2.jpg (79157 bytes)   firstyabs3.jpg (112142 bytes)   koppelingshuis.jpg (32233 bytes)

firstyabs6.jpg (101944 bytes)   onderdct.jpg (40736 bytes)  P4300009.JPG (71855 bytes) 

yabsminischild.jpg (96868 bytes)   Yabsje B.jpg (40755 bytes)    Yabsje A.jpg (81289 bytes)