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    Let me take you to my corner of the world.
    Enjoy the smell of hot metal, coolant and oil.                
    This site is mainly dedicated to
    I hope you will get the drive to develop your own projects
    by my talks.



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 Ubuntu Linux with EMC2- software has taken place of Turbocnc

 May 2010 It was a long way to get things running. Look at the pawn-file  executed in EMC2.

 draaien maar.flv (7mb You need Flash)

 February 2010

New plans for a Remotely Operated Vehicle has raised. It will be a new issue. First thing is the development and prototyping of a propulsion unit with magntic coupling. Where are all those electric screwdrivers? I can't find one yet.

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 April 2010 A cnc job: milling the blades  of a 125 mm propellor

 propellormill schroeffrees 05_11-5-2010_1.flv

 schroefrees 010.flv  Play it with Adobe Flash installed


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  December 2009

- The lathe is close to the finish.  I still  have to deal with the encoder in EMC2. 


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 December 2008 : two driverunits and two mills are making a highly pleasant noise!

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 September 2008 L6203 drivers are on duty for the Lathemaster

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April 2008 Update on layout of L6203 drivers

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2008 New set drivers 3 amp/ph gives more possibilities 

 PA120132-1.JPG (68558 bytes)  2007 a metalworkers issue, see projects page

New drivers and electronics available in 2008

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2006 The Sieg mill is operating

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This site comes to you from the Netherlands.



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